Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Justin Bieber Uses 3% of Twitter servers

According to one Twitter staffer, Justin Bieber and fans use up to 3 percent of Twitter’s server at any given time.

Web designer Dustin Curtis tweeted that an employee told him the staggering Bieber stat, and that “racks of servers are dedicated” to Justin Bieber.

“At any moment, Justin Bieber uses 3% of our infrastructure. Racks of servers are dedicated to him. – A guy who works at Twitter”

According to Curtis’s math, the numbers add up: “Every time Bieber tweets, his messages have to be delivered to more than five million people who then endlessly retweet it. Apparently, his account receives more than 60 @-replies per second for a while after he tweets, which is something Twitter wasn’t originally designed to handle.”


  1. Uhh I don't know what to think of this info except that I think I can exploit this somehow. o.O

  2. Damn, that kid is popular as hell. Cant hate on that.

    Followed, supported, clicked.
    much love

  3. thats insane.
    showing my support for a fellow blogger!