Friday, September 24, 2010

Justin Bieber left Fans brokenhearted, makes Jasmine Villegas Luckiest & Unluckiest girl in da World

After the making out pics of Justin Bieber and Jasmine V spread thru internet, some fans were left brokenhearted, tweeting things like:

“@justinbieber WTF? u make me #cry”

“@justinbieber I believe u,but the photo kissing Jasmine,just me,i’m suffering for ♥,and it did not help,follow me back?Still love you :D ”

“my mom just read an article about jasmine villegas and justin bieber, and i literally cried. brb whilst i die.”

But while the #crying whilst dying is tragic and all, lets take alook what people tweets about Jasmine V. Looks like fans sending her death threat?

“@JASMINEVILLEGAS I know you’re fuckin’ beautiful but I really really hate you so much bitch…keep your dirty hands off of Justin k?!”

“OMG!!! This picture makes me cry. I hope this is not true!! I gonna kill that @jasminevillegas even though Im also a filipino girl!

This isn’t even the worst of it! Not at all. Jasmine deleted (then re-activated) her Twitter account.


  1. hahaha! fans going batshit insane!

  2. Just stopping by, one blogger to another, to let you know I enjoy your blog all the time!

  3. Damn J-Beibs >.> Oh well :) He has now slammed in the final nail to that coffin.

  4. Awesome blog. You should check out mine. I just got it started.

  5. Woah tough news to the fans. Check out what you think of this though!